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Henoel Grech, keyboardist and composer, was born in Turin (Italy) on January 4, 1976. From childhood he discovered a great passion for music, which he cultivated relying on an unconventional intuition and personal taste.

After spending many years in various groups in the Turin area, obtaining international acclaim thanks to rock-progressive sounds, Henoel starts a thorough study of electronic sounds to create original sound comments on television images, taking inspiration from by cultures music from all over the world.

His compositional sensitivity draws unique soundtracks, giving the listener the opportunity to live an immersive sensory experience, between elegant and original blends of sounds.

Henoel experiments rhythms, vibrations and harmonies coined by the most fascinating Middle Eastern traditions, combining them with Western sounds developed by choosing modern frequencies and instruments. In his compositions, the voices of the past meet modern dynamism, generating a skilful harmonization of melodies, vigorous, passionate or futuristic tones to evoke introspective images and horizons.

For these reasons, the State Rai TV has chosen its sound architectures to tell the beauty of the city of Turin during the worldwide connections for the unforgettable 2006 Winter Olympics.

Cinema and sport are two worlds in which Henoel combines poetry and energy, mixing perfectly the different ambient, world music, electronic and spiritual styles.

During his artistic career he written soundtracks and short tracks for medium-length movies, short movies, television commercials and sporting events at european and world level. The collaboration with directors and actors of primary importance in the world of cinema, tv and theatre, as well as the constant creative activity in touch with prestigious brands from “Made in Italy”, consolidated the professionalism of an artist known internationally from several years.

His passion for the mysteries and the immensities of the Universe, suggested to Henoel get to start the musical project “2022 – Next Space”, in which his unreleased songs will have the ambition to become the soundtrack of the next space missions signed by the most important agencies in the world.