Next Space-Infinity

Musical concept by Henoel Grech

Composer Henoel Grech has conceived and written a celebra- tory musical concept for the upcoming space exploration missions, in which the Thales Alenia Space company plays a leading role.

The title of this original and unpublished work will be “Next Space Infinity”: it will be an intense soundtrack to evoke man’s scientific commitment and his constant desire to deepen the exploration of space.

Seven missions to investigate the Infinity of the universe, the compositions of matter, the search for traces of life beyond our biosphere, the definitive conquest of the Moon, the satellite that breathes together with the tides and lives in countless terrestrial cultural expressions. A sound journey also into the infinity of the imagination, an unpublished musical project enriched by the participation of other musicians and singers from all over the world to create a truly unique work of collective ingenuity.

Next Space-Infinity

Next Space – Infinity

“Next Space – Infinity”: it will be an original mix of electronic and acoustic styles and arrangements, in which the depths of space, the boundaries of imagination, technology and the future of aero- space science will be distinguished.

An original and unique project that aspires to become a milestone in discography, a collec- tor’s jewel for lovers of music, science and hi- storical events. It will celebrate seven space mis- sions with a creative work published on digital media and on a collector’s vinyl record, in which the songs of the Turin composer will accompany these international projects, creating a state-of- the-art link between the science of the cosmos and emotion of listening.

Man at the center of the future and technology as a means to face “The Journey” in the depths of space, among the unknowns of mat- ter. The Infinity of the Universe will be evoked in the original tracks made by Henoel.

Lunar Gateway’s rendering

Lunar Gateway’s rendering

Lunar Gateway

The Lunar Portal will be the Cislunar space station located about 380,000 kilometers from Earth, planned by NASA, RKA, ESA and JAXA to be built starting in 2025.The Lunar Gateway is one of the next steps for the return of being human on the Moon and for the first time on other planets of the solar system.

ISS International Orbiting Station

The project was developed by five different space agencies (the US NASA, the Russian RKA, the European ESA and all related space agencies, the Japa- nese JAXA and the Canadian CSA). It is a permanent laboratory in micro- gravity conditions and is very important for space exploration.

Next Space-Infinity
Next Space-Infinity

Space Rider

Automated mini-space shuttle project under development at the European Space Agency, funded mainly by Italy, to test new technologies in flight.


The manned spacecraft, currently being developed by NASA in colla- bora- tion with ESA, will bring the next humans to the moon and will be deployed on future long-term missions.


Mission designed for the exploration of the planet Mars using robotic pro- bes developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Space Agency (RKA). From a scientific point of view, this is a very ambi- tious challenge: to find evidence of the existence of life forms, today or in the past.

Mars Sample Return

It is part of ESA’s long-term program for the exploration of the solar sy- stem in collaboration with NASA and will allow the first samples of Martian material to be brought to Earth for analysis.



ESA space mission for astronomy and astrophysics which aims to inve- sti- gate the nature of dark matter and dark energy: they are both my- sterious and unknown in nature but they control the past, present and future evolu- tion of the Universe.

Next Space-Infinity

Letter from Thales Alenia Space

To Mr. Henoel Grech

SUBJECT: Endorsement to the Musical Project “Next Space – Infinity”

With reference to the musical project “Next Space Infinity” (hereinafter referred to as “project”) under construction by the team composed of Henoel Grech, Emanuele Pensavalle, Michele Savoldi and Sandro Venturini.
Evaluating this Project worthy of attention and sharing the idea behind the development of the celebratory musical concept of the next space exploration missions.
Thales Alenia Space Italia expresses its interest in the Project, monitoring all the elements associated with its implementation with enthusiasm and attention.



He wrote and created “NEXT SPACE – INFINITY”. In his career he crea- ted the opening of the 2006 Turin Olympics, the official Emau anthem for the European Archery Championships and the official UEG anthem for Rhythmic Gymnastics. In the field of cinema he signed the “The Batman” world trailers soundtrack, and soundtrack of TV film (Rai Fiction pro- duction), directed by director Pupi Avati, a docufilm on “La Scala di Milano” presented at the Mip in Cannes, a film based on a story by Stephen King,“ Nona ”, and a“ short ”for Armani directed by Michele Placido. His works have sounded the commercials of international brands such as Bulgari, Ferrari, Barilla, Lavazza,Valentino, Ferrero, Buitoni,Aboca,Alpitour.

Next Space-Infinity



Born in Rome on June 13, 1993, is an Italian pianist and composer. He studied piano with renowned Masters such as Pierluigi Camicia, Boris Berman, and Enrico Pieranunzi. He graduated from the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome in Classical Piano, Jazz, and Composition. He has won numerous international competitions and received scholarships from prestigious institutions such as the Collective School of Music in New York and Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has performed on im- portant stages and festivals worldwide, collaborating with internationally acclaimed artists such as Sting, Chris Botti, and John Travolta. Currently, he works as the principal assistant to Frédéric Maurin at the Orchestre National De Jazz in Paris. Additionally, he has collaborated with compo- ser Henoel Grech on the official anthem of the African Cup as an arran- ger, orchestrator, and assistant composer.

Next Space-Infinity


Also known as “Phoenix,” was born on May 16th in Turin. He is an audio producer and musician from Turin, known for his collaborations and pro- ductions with well-known artists such as DJs From Mars, Pietro Morello, and Simone Veludo. Giovanni Cannarozzo graduated from the Music Lab in Turin with top marks, obtaining certifications for teaching the most popular production software.

In recent years, he has specialized in creating cinematic tracks and arran- gements, working closely with prominent composers in the industry, such as Henoel Grech. He has mixed tracks for television commercials, web advertisements, and documentaries destined for National Geographic.

Next Space-Infinity

PR and Technical Staff

EMANUELE PENSAVALLE – Aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineer, he worked for 24 years first as a designer and then as a “program manager” in numerous space projects of Thales Alenia Spa- ce, mainly related to the exploration of space and the construction of the International Space Station (ISS).

Currently she carries out consultancy activities for Piedmontese companies in support of technological deve- lopment and innovation.

Next Space-Infinity

MICHELE SAVOLDI – Public Relations

Graduated in Music at the University of Bologna, since 1998 he keeps airing on Radio Onda D’Urto FM doing interviews with international ce- lebrities in the musical, literary and cinematographic fields.The inception of his activity as performer and composer for The Mugshots dates back to 2001.The band is the only european one (along with Tim Curry) ever produced by Dick Wagner, Lou Reed and Alice Cooper’s musical director way back in the Seventies. Many collaborations followed with the likes of Matt Malley (Counting Crows), Baz Warne (The Stranglers) and many others. Recently he started being active in promoting the establishment of relations and collaborations between national and international artists.

Next Space-Infinity

SILVIA BIFFI – graphic designer

He conceived and designed the logo for “Next Space – Infinity” and crea- ted the cover for the celebratory space missions album.

Next Space-Infinity


Professional journalist with technical-scientific training. Founder of two local weeklies, he directed the newspaper of “La Nuova Voce”.
He is currently in charge of the editorial office of Settimo, directs the free press chain “News in the Municipality” and follows the communication of a Turin chemical company.

Next Space-Infinity


Journalist, contributor to various weeklies, has been following composer Henoel and his creations since the 2006 Turin Olympics.

Next Space-Infinity

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